About Us & Our Aim


Personal Experience

Born with the name of PT. Caratwarsa Hangandana (called Cdesign Consultants) since 26 December 1996 with small corporate qualification, improved to be a medium corporate qualification with the name PT. Citrakarsa Hanganjaya since 14 November 2011, it was still called Cdesign Consultants and it has been founded by Mr. Andi Daliandi.
Mr. Daliandi is the senior architect and to be Managing Director for the firm at the present, who has involved in many international project standard qualification. Mr. Daliandi lends his contribution skill for the firm to face the challenges in to global project construction market.

Cdesign Office address is in Jalan Tunggul Ametung III/ 9, Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia (80116) with Phone/ Fax No.: +62 361 413194, email address cdesign.data@gmail.com, www.cdessin.com. Cdesign consultants is borne on 14 November 2011 with firm establishment No. 54/14/11/2011 with government legality registered No. AHU-63493.AH.01.01.Year 2011, Construction Working Permit No. 1 - 5171 - 3 - 00001 - 028849 with Firm Registered No. TDP. and Tax Register No. 31.430.150.8-901.000. Perkindo consultants membership No. 0062/KTA-BALI/1/2012.

Human Being could not avoid or escape from space whether naturally or artificially and Architecture is all about spaces which is mean all human being require Architecture; it doesn't matter what of their economics status and or social background, all peoples require Architecture. We serve all peoples in Architecture services because all people have right to get comfort spaces or room, to get nice room, to get health space or room in human ergonomic standard. Futuristic Architecture design is available for all kind of people with whatever economic status and social background.

It is time to implement green design Architecture with correct achievement to save our planet and keep world naturally as special gift or present for our next generation lives. As we are aware that Architecture produce cultural symbol for past era and for the next generation so continuity of cultural symbol is become particularly concern in our design. Combination of 2 (Two) elements aforesaid (green design Architecture and continuity cultural symbol) will create humanism futuristic Architecture design that will only be possible to created with love and affection based.

Architecture will create and has goal for better life quality of human being that all peoples will growth bigger, taller, faster and more health, why? because of good architecture product will give the people more sufficient of "Oxygen, Lights, give the people better room humidity and moving spaces, better protection from extreme weather and beast, better noise control, better supply of portable water, better sanitation facilities, better communication facilities, better in disposal system, better in spiritual facilities and many more better and all of those aspect will create better life value for the human being, it doesn't matter what of their social background and economics status.

High quality services to the client is also become our most particularly value. We agreed that honesty giving will have been given with more abandon and having aid will be having been aid. We will never sacrifice the future for short term gain and we build our firm with intended for last. Serve the client mean serve ourselves. Finally, we wish with our deepest grateful, our firm will get good project twice yearly.